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Yanglian Won More is sponsored by Ballon International Group and is of mixed ownership formed by China Merchants Group, Yanglian Food Security Branch, Won More International Group, Wanhui City International Group, Australian ALLREAL International Group and 36 bonded port zones including China·Qingdao Bonded Port Zone. Its objective is to jointly build a Chinese food industry ecological public service platform of the largest scale in the world.

Yanglian Won More has “one major platform, two major centers, three major trade services and four major certification systems”, for which the total investment is over ten billion Yuan. The capacity of warehouse constructed in China Qingdao Bonded Port Zone is 960 thousand tons, which consists of 136 bonded customs clearance and inspection docks, a modern cold-chain food and international commodity bonded distribution center with an annual bonded customs clearance volume measured by over 10 million tons, and an exhibition and trade center with a total area of 30,000 square meters. The two major centers form a pattern of exhibition area in the front and warehouse in the back. The platform gathers tens of thousands of global cold-chain foods and international commodities of nine major categories including aquatic products, meats, dairies, maternal and infant products, fruits and vegetables, healthcare products, special foods, medical diets, wines, water and beverages, cosmetics and personal hygiene products, etc. The platform has the advantages of tax exemption, tax bonding, guaranteed authenticity, guaranteed quality and guaranteed price and offers one-stop green channel comprehensive services including import/export customs declaration for inspection, exhibition and trade, tax boned warehousing, tax boned processing, cross-border e-commerce, logistics and delivery, supply chain financing, import/export trade, intermediary trade, domestic trade, etc.

The platform employs the most sophisticated and comprehensive ODOO integrated management system in the world, supports 23 languages, covers 95% countries across the globe, facilitates global industry big data analysis and application and forms a borderless global trade pattern. It consists of four major certification systems including standard stipulation, quality control, brand certification and price issuance systems, four major management systems including ordering, storage, logistics and settlement management systems and four major big data systems including product, member, logistics and big data analysis. The platform adopts the most sophisticated, sea, land, air and railway combined cold-chain logistics system and integrated urban supply chain systems in the world and serves 0.23 billion middle classes in China. Yanglian Won More focuses on the development of human life and health science, solves the contradiction caused by difference in endowment of global resources, gathers and allocates resources with a sharing concept, aims to achieve joint consultation, joint construction, sharing and all-win, leads the health culture, develops innovative ways of life and creates service model for you to choose the best world and lead a healthy life in China.

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